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High Touch,
High Tech (HT2)

e-Screening, brief intervention, and connection to care for behavioral health in pregnancy*

*Integration with telecounseling from a perinatal behavioral health specialist also available in some areas
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About HT2

High Touch, High Tech (HT2) is a collaborative program pairing technology-based screening and brief intervention for pregnant women (the Mom's Check-Up app; the ‘high tech’ part) with same-day access to virtual counseling and care coordination through remote behavioral health consultants (BHCs; the ‘high touch’ part).


  • High Tech. The Mom's Checkup is an easy-to-use mobile app available to any clinic providing care to pregnant mothers in Michigan. Prior to a new intake appointment, the app screens patients for behavioral health risks; those who screen positive are offered a brief motivational intervention that is provided directly by the app, and then are helped to get connected to services.

  • High Touch. In some areas, the Mom's Checkup can connect patients directly with the “High Touch” element of behavioral health services via tele-counseling, which can be provided either at home or in the waiting room. Also in some areas, a current pilot innovation project (funded through the Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies initiative) integrates HT2 with the state-wide perinatal access program MC3 Perinatal.


Patients use the HT2 app in one of two ways: either using an iPad (which is provided) in the waiting area, or by clicking a mobile link to complete screener prior to appointment.


The HT2 app screens for behavioral health risks such as substance use or depression and, if positive, can complete a very brief motivational intervention. 


The app then sends a customized summary report to the health care team.


The app and the summary report both help to facilitate connection to local services, including HT2 tele-counseling where available.

"HT2 brings us into a new era of medicine. It allows women to disclose multiple hard issues at their convenience, in their own space. It is then packaged for the provider to act on when she is ready for intervention and to the degree she feels comfortable undertaking.“

-Dr. Julia Riddle 

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